Virginia, Phase 1 Long term Alcohol Rehab Sample Schedule

Color Code: represents monitor on duty.

Due Monday Noon: Detailed Meal Menu and Grocery List; Outside Appointments and Weekly Plans. (activity selection)

Workshops: Big Book, The 12 Steps, Relapse Prevention, Under the Influence, Passages and other recovery topics.

"12" is abbreviation for 12 Step Meeting.

Please refer to posted rotating chore schedule

There are hundreds of Long term alcohol rehab centers available in the United States today, which can make choosing one for yourself or a loved one a rather hefty task. All Long term alcohol rehab centers allow the addict/ alcoholic to be surrounded (day and night) with other non-using individuals who are also embarking towards recovery. This change of environment allows clients to recognize the habits that were “second nature” as what they truly are: dangerous and destructive. The Long term alcohol rehab centers with the highest success rates are those that are long-term programs allow clients time to practice a new sober way of life before being thrown back into “reality” by him/herself.  These programs stress social and fiscal preparedness to re-enter the world and require clients to both work and develop a strong social support network WHILE IN treatment. This way, the client has 24/7 sober support and mentors who can help him/her deal productively with stressors that might usually cause a relapse. Long term alcohol rehab centers are the most effective way to treat substance addictions and long term programs are leading this well reputed field.

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