October 16, 2001





Boris González
The González Recovery Residences
-(address removed)-

Dear Boris, 

We have worked closely with you and The González Recovery Residences over the past years
and fully support your residential extended care recovery programs. You address the needs
of a very special and specific market niche.

Thank you very much. As always you are very kind and generous. I'm looking forward to
seeing you in New York on the 18th. 

Hope you are well



There are many differing types of substance abuse treatment programs to choose from.  Residential substance abuse treatment programs are where the drug addict or alcoholic reside in the place where they are receiving treatment.  There are many benefits to a person entering a residential substance abuse treatment program as opposed to an out-patient program.


Many addicts have found it to be beneficial to separate themselves from the environment in which they were in when first trying to free themselves from their addiction.  There are many factors to consider when a person is trying to decide between residential substance abuse treatment programs vs. an out-patient program.  A factor to consider is how an addict acquires his or her drug of choice.  Often times an addict seeking treatment can be gone for a period of time, thus their former drug connections have time to either move on to other people and/or disappear from the addict's life altogether.  This separation also helps the addict become strong and begin to develop healthy habits that are different from the ones that they had when they were simply drug-seeking.  Living in a community with other addicts helps addicts to learn to accept themselves as sick and suffering people who need to get well as opposed to bad people.  Addicts helping other addicts is the very basis of all recovery from addiction so those that have the opportunity and the good fortune to be able to afford residential substance abuse treatment programs are often times giving themselves a huge advantage as opposed to people who only get part-time help.


Often times addicts have developed strained family relationships due to the tension and difficulties that stem from drug addiction.  These difficulties can extend beyond the family to include legal difficulties and medical problems related to drug abuse.  To give the addict the benefit of living in a comfortable environment so that their difficulties and strained relationships are not staring them in the face, is an added benefit of choosing residential substance abuse treatment programs.  The safe and drug-free environment coupled with the 24 hour concentration on getting and staying sober is a wonderful help for the suffering addict. They can still deal with their problems but with the help of those in the program.

The González Recovery Residences provide recovering individuals a continuum of services often referred to as extended inpatient drug rehab or dual diagnosis treatment centers. 

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