The González Recovery Residences (The GRR), provide long private drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment, structured sober living and dignified transitional housing for professionals, executives and other discerning individuals experiencing difficulty in maintaining comfortable sobriety. The GRR is one of the best choices for adults looking for comfortable affordable rehab programs in Alexandria, Virginia or Vero Beach, Florida.


In the early 1990s we established the Northern Virginia Recovery private drug rehab Program in Arlington, Virginia for professionals who were seeking additional support from alcohol rehab centers. Upon demand, several years later we established The Florida Plantation private drug rehabilitation Home in Vero Beach, Florida for individuals seeking a luxury drug rehab experience. In 2003 we established The Cottages in Wabasso, Florida and in 2004 we established Villa Mizner in Vero Beach, Florida for individuals seeking affordable and effective private drug rehab treatment.


The González Recovery Residences private drug and alcohol treatment centers provide the resident with:

  • Quality sober rehab centers within his or her own community supported by a part-time and/or full time monitor;

  • Attractive temporary transitional housing: average recommended stay is one year;

  • A dignified stress reducing way of life that gradually integrates the resident into everyday structured sober living;

  • Evening and/or day holistic recovery programs including healthy balanced nutrition and regular exercise;

  • The opportunity to implement the individualized, supportive, continuing treatment plan developed through input from the resident, his or her family, and the counselor if at a previously completed inpatient treatment program;

  • The opportunity to develop a therapeutic recovery-oriented "family" and community atmosphere in early sobriety while adapting to structured sober living within his or her own AA/NA community.


The GRR private drug and alcohol rehab residential treatment centers are not "A.A./N.A. Homes," but do offer the support and guidance of 12 Step recovery programs. The long term rehab facilities offer elegant, transitional housing self-supporting through rents received from their residents. The GRR Virginia long term treatment centers are licensed by the Virginia Department of Mental Health but not funded by any government, professional, or business organization.

The GRR | Address: 1611 Ocean Dr, Vero Beach, Fl 32963  |Tel: (772) 633-1097 www.thegrr.com | info@thegrr.com