Color Code: represents activities: 12 Step Meetings in red, work or other meaningful activities in yellow. 

Due Monday Noon: Detailed Meal Menu and Grocery List; Outside Appointments and Weekly Plans. (activity selection)

Workshops: Big Book, The 12 Steps, Relapse Prevention, Under the Influence, Passages and other recovery topics.
"12" is abbreviation for 12 Step Meeting.


When both living in a residential drug treatment facility and maintaining full-time employment, one must be comfortable in sobriety. It is easy for addicts in early recovery to get lost in work and put recovery on “the back burner,” which ends in relapse. This is why it is essential to remain actively involved in the residential drug treatment program at this busy time and to continue prioritizing meetings.  When judging which residential treatment centers best fit your needs, it is imperative to ask yourself if you want a program that will help you return to either work or philanthropic volunteering.  Many residential treatment centers do not provide a residential program for those who have full-time jobs and this lack of support during such a crucial time can be catastrophic. 12 Step meetings are an integral part of the GRR’s residential drug treatment program as AA and NA boast the highest rate of recovery of any other mainstream program. These meetings/ growth sessions will not be solely confined to one’s residential drug treatment program but, rather, can be found happening every day all over the world.   Residential treatment centers have grown in popularity over the last few decades as the importance of removing addicts from their immediate environment to facilitate healing has been recognized. Residential treatment centers give clients a chance to start anew and to begin to live a life of their own design rather than one of habit and addiction.

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