Phase III, Independent Sober Living

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The GRR long term drug treatment Phase III provides residents firmly grounded in their recovery with a clean, comfortable and safe unstructured environment. Residents may select a double or single room occupancy. The executive drug rehab facilities are fully furnished and all utilities are provided. 

The GRR long term drug treatment Phase III is designed to help residents remain accountable and connected to the recovery community while implementing their balanced sober living aftercare contract. Residents are functional; they are able to:

  • Keep their private areas presentable at all times and work with their house mates to maintain common areas in the same condition.

  • Have daily contact with a staff member at previously determined daily 12-Step meetings.

  • Participate in work or other meaningful activity approximately 30 hours per week.

  • Honor any other stipulations to which they agreed in their aftercare contract at the time of admission.

  • Work to schedule in the components of the holistic rehab program that one found helpful (gym, meditation, etc.)


The GRR long term drug treatment, executive sober living, Phase III is especially useful for professionals who must get back to work while pursuing treatment. Unfortunately, the opportunity to provide supervision while the newly recovering addict or alcoholic is working is not possible at short term drug rehab Fl or short term drug rehabs in Virginia.  Learning how to navigate stressful work-related situations while remaining in a sober and supportive community is imperative for those who have had difficulty re-joining the working world after treatment.  The long term drug treatment programs is a major strength of the GRR’s long term drug treatment centers. In addition to the 30+ hours of work per week, residents are encouraged to continue making use of the resources that the GRR’s extended aftercare program has to offer. The unique amenities of the holistic rehab program include morning meditation, exercise, balanced meals, and outside acupuncture/ massage therapy. The GRR long term drug treatment executive drug rehab has created an effective way to treat professionals by combining the best of executive drug rehab’s work emphasis and holistic rehab’s whole-body wellness emphasis.

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