Sample Residential Alcohol Treatment Phase II Schedule

*Residents functioning comfortably in Phase I,

 are encouraged to begin working approximately 20

 hours per week and gradually increase their work load provided their

 recovery program is not compromised.

Long term residential alcohol treatment have distinct phases to allow clients to gain responsibility at their own speed. Often the clients who enter Long term residential alcohol treatment are chronic relapsers who have not been able to function well in the “real world” for a substantial amount of time, therefore gradual re-immersion is key. Inpatient alcohol treatment centers, like The GRR, can provide individualized care and treatment plans that are catered towards the client’s level of functioning and personal goals. Unlike in short-term programs, Long term residential alcohol treatment provide clients with the time necessary to make tangible progress towards achieving their goals and re-establishing a healthy life. Inpatient alcohol treatment centers like The GRR’s will also provide the individual with the confidence to actively pursue a sober life and a strong sober support network. Connection with others in the recovery community is of immense importance for the recovering addict/alcoholic and Long term residential alcohol treatment allows clients the chance to re-discover how to soberly interact with and enjoy others.  Additionally when attending inpatient alcohol treatment centers, clients are encouraged to engage in a wide variety of recreational activities to see what he/she enjoys most. Having the opportunity to engage fully in activities that the addict enjoys can do wonders with reigniting one’s passion for life.  During Phase II of the Program of our inpatient alcohol treatment centers, we also expect he/she to be actively engaged in planning for life post-treatment, whether that be relocating to the Vero Beach or Alexandria communities or moving back “home.” Staff at the GRR provides help with advising these plans and working out logistics.

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