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Phase II, long term inpatient drug rehab program, was designed for the chemically dependent person who seeks long term treatment for addiction and has successfully completed Phase I, is ready to continue to do whatever it takes to make his or her recovery the "Number One Priority " and has reached a stage in recovery that permits him/her to return to work on a part-time, and ultimately full-time basis during the day. 

In the long term inpatient drug rehab Phase, the resident's day begins un-monitored with meditation, breakfast and light exercise before leaving for work. After a full day at work, the resident joins in a variety of monitored activities with emphasis on: attendance at and participation in AA/NA and any additional luxury alcohol treatment programs, exercise, regularly scheduled balanced dining, relaxation, stress reduction, sobriety enrichment reading, and meditation. A staff member remains on duty throughout the night.

Both Phase I and Phase II, the long term inpatient drug rehab Phase,  can be complemented with various additional sobriety-enhancing services including a full schedule of weekend activities, extra-curricular events, individual, family and relapse prevention counseling.

Independent Certified Addiction Counselors, Relapse Prevention Specialists, Family Therapists and other professionals ready to provide additional services to our residents on an individual outpatient basis. 

Every experience the newly recovering individual has at The GRR the long term inpatient drug rehab Phase is related to recovery. We trust that his or her stay will be positive and productive. We are here to help each person make the transition to a happy, sober life. By adhering to a long term residential substance abuse treatment program of healthy eating habits, structured daily exercise, meditation, relaxation, and plenty of sleep, the recovering individual will be much better equipped to stay sober. Having identified, accepted, shared and dealt with his/her "warning signs," "triggers," and "high risk situations" in a real life setting, we will give the recovering resident the encouragement and support needed to make the transition to sober living "One Day at a Time."

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