The González Recovery Residences Long Term Drug Treatment Programs

Phase I Phase II Phase III

"The very concept of the González Recovery Residences...appeals to some who would balk at spending time in other facilities. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the GRR..." 
- Father Joseph C. Martin, Co-Founder, Ashley. 

"The program integrates the most effective principles of recovery and relapse prevention. The beauty and elegance of the physical facilities are matched by the quality of the program and the care received by the residents." 
- Terence T. Gorski, President, The Cenaps Corporation



Recovery is a process. The González Recovery Residences provide you with a nurturing "home-like" environment and a long term rehab program that will help you absorb the magnitude of your addiction and help you become comfortable with your sobriety. You have successfully met the challenge of recovery and deserve the opportunity to ease back into your standard of living with dignity. Whether you are in a high-profile position or appreciate quiet solitude, our philosophy integrates the long term drug treatment process with your discriminating lifestyle and results in a long term treatment like no other. Our long term rehab program is a gradual, ongoing transition from a brief, structured environment to a fully integrated, productive, and sober life. Daily 12-step meetings, group and/or individual counseling and incorporation with the recovery community are the foundations of the long term drug treatment program.   The GRR long term drug treatment also provides residents with the opportunity to attend cultural and recreational events; tailored activities and special-interest seminars are available on location and within the nearby resort town, another advantage of seeking professional help within a long term treatment environment. The GRR’s long term treatment program is broken down into several Phases: Phase 1, the structured program, Phase 2, semi- structured, and Phase 3, independent sober living. In an effort to give you a better idea of the way The GRR long term rehab programs help a resident seamlessly and gradually reintegrate into the real world life of sobriety, we have included several slides: This first slide illustrates the 7 types of activities that encompass Phase I of our long term rehab program:

In the following image, you can see the number of activities per day and at the bottom right you will see the total of 36 activities per week.

Once residents can manage Phase I comfortably and have been able to obtain meaningful employment, study or other constructive activity, they begin to multitask and learn to manage the real world without dropping the advances they have made in the prior days. As they become more proficient, they try their hand at greater independence, mirror imaging as senior residents and ultimately end up functioning as sober, productive, happy members of our sober community. Our goal is to help people that have the knowledge quite often learn how to implement the essential elements of recovery so that they can become happy joyous and free.

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