The International Treatment Center's Cooperative Conference (ITCC) is also commonly referred to as Vero Beach, which is a reference to the conference location. This semi-annual conference is held at one of The González Recovery Residences (The GRR) in Vero Beach, ITCC is a deliberately small and intimate conference where treatment centers can network with each other in a fun and relaxing environment. Unlike many traditional conferences, ITCC requires that a treatment center clinician attend, not just a marketer. Participants come away from the conference as collaborators, having a much better understanding of what everyone has to offer in order to make better client referrals within the treatment center industry.

Schedule: The upcoming conference is scheduled to take place from January 14-16, 2013 in Vero Beach, FL. We have also added an additional conference which will take place in April, 2013 in Vero Beach, FL.

ITCC Clarifications: The costs to attend this conference are $500 for an interventionist and $1250 for a treatment center. Treatment centers are allowed to bring two attendees from their facility. If a treatment center elects to send only one representative, the cost to attend is still $1250. Treatment centers get ten minutes to address the audience and interventionists get five minutes. The presentation order is random and all attendees are required to remain for the duration of the event.


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As attendees register for the upcoming 2013 January conference, the GRR and Southworth Associates celebrate the success that the previous 10 years of conferences has brought. 2013 marks the first time in history that the ITCC will occur three times- January, May, and October as it has become impossible to ensure the intimacy that the conference is known for with only 2 meetings each year.  With a target of only around 30 centers per conference, the ITCC will remain among the most exclusive and productive of conferences in the nation. During this upcoming session, like those that preceded it, a healthy mixture of professionals from across the field will present on their strengths and insight. As one of the fastest growing cohorts in the treatment field, long term rehabs will be among those spotlighted at this conference. In addition to such long term rehabs, there will be interventionists, lab professionals, primary treatment centers, and a variety of aftercare coordinators in attendance.  Much general confusion still exists among those seeking treatment as to what each of these distinct programs do and for whom they are appropriate. In short, the conference emphasizes the following roles for each major program type:

Interventionists- Meet (usually in person) with an addict’s friends/family and work with them in establishing and carrying out a plan to convince an addict/alcoholic to seek the appropriate help

Detox- Facilities that cater towards the very beginning of recovery when an alcoholic or addict is experiencing acute physical withdrawal from drugs or alcohol and the centers provide appropriate medical care 

Primary Care- Programs that usually last between 30 and 90 days that focus on determining the purpose of one’s addiction and teaching addicts alternative coping strategies  

Long term rehabs, Programs that last a minimum of 6 months and focus on reintegrating an addict into society by encouraging employment, repairing and making new social connections, and redirecting one’s energy towards productive pursuits.


In accordance with the data showing that the time spent sober is the best predictor of one’s ability to continue in their sobriety, the professionals at the conference spend a large amount of time networking with one another. This networking is key as such personal connections are often the key to getting a client into the programs at the right time. In general, those at the conference encourage clients to begin their treatment with a medical detox, continue to a primary treatment facility, and progress towards one of the long term rehabs, as this allows the client to be supervised when re-entering the job force and maximize their time spent sober before embarking by him/herself.

The Upcoming Spring 2013 International Treatment Center's Cooperative Conference

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