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November 2, 2001

Mr. Boris González
The González Recovery Residences
-(address removed)-

I am pleased to endorse the GRR in their laudable mission to provide a nurturing
environment for individuals on the road back to living a sober life. Their mission is very
much in keeping with my model of "Care-frontation."

The program and home environment offered by the GRR provide an ideal extended care
setting for the discriminating individual seeking comfortable, enjoyable and meaningful

Harris B. Stratyner, Ph.D, CASAC 


Director of Addiction Recovery Services and The Retreat
New York-Presbyterian Westchester Division
The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell


Long term inpatient treatment centers have become the new standard of care for the recovering addict.  Most all short term treatment facilities and hospitals are recommending that after the addict leaves short term they enter into a long term sober living environment.  There are sober houses that are set up to accommodate addicts on both a short term and a long-term basis. Research has shown that long term care greatly improves the addict's chances of making a full recovery.

A long-term sober house makes a good choice as far as long term inpatient treatment centers go.  Residents are exposed to the 12-step philosophy by attending AA and/or NA meetings on a daily basis.  They also are living in a community situation where sincerity and gaining back their self-respect is a high priority.  Living in this setting for a long period of time gives them the time they need to get healthy both mentally and physically.  Addicts arrive to long term inpatient treatment centers in varying degrees of despair and brokenness.  The people who work at these centers and sober houses are more often than not people who are recovering from the disease of addiction and their experience helps the newer addicts in their time of need.

The goal is for the addict to make a complete change in their life so that they can remain drug free and go back to their employment and/or family once they have stabilized. Treatment for a drug addict is not a quick fix.  Many addicts try and fail at sobriety many times before they are successful.  Of course everyone has a different path but the path of the addict is one where they must develop healthy habits and learn to incorporate whichever 12-step group suits them best into their life on a daily basis.

So if you are an addict or the friend or family of the addict, choosing long term inpatient treatment centers is a great choice.  Most people prefer the atmosphere of a home environment as opposed to clinical venues which makes long term sober home/recovery residence living one of the best places for the addict to be.

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