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Please accept my wholehearted endorsement of The González Recovery Residences. I feel that they are very much needed and will be greatly utilized in coming years. 

The González Recovery Residences minimize the possibility of relapse by providing chemically dependent residents with a gradual reentry into society. Individuals in early recovery having participated in a treatment program no longer have to jump directly from the secure environment of the treatment facility back into the possible alcohol and drug ridden environment in which they and their addiction originated. 

The González Recovery Residences provide the residents with a 'home like' atmosphere where they can return to their professions while living with other recovering addicts in the protective environment of a lovely 'home away from home' with tennis courts and swimming pool in a quiet residential neighborhood. 

I am delighted to see that The González Recovery Residences incorporate A.A. into the transitional extended aftercare and residential living schedule. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous is an important adjunct to professional treatment. A person can recover with only one or the other, but in my twenty years experience as a Board Certified Addictions Counselor, their chances for a lasting recovery are far greater and more rewarding with both professional treatment and the support of the A.A. community. 

I extend my best wishes to The González Recovery Residences and offer my full support. 


Paul A Fearson, CAC, CSAC
Executive Director, Retired,
Alexandria Alcohol Safety
Action Program


Inpatient drug treatment is often considered the gold standard for care in the addiction treatment field. It is the variety of treatment styles, talented professionals, and removal from one’s triggering environment that makes inpatient drug treatment the obvious choice for many suffering from profound substance addictions. When considering Inpatient drug treatment programs, it is important to remember what one hopes to eventually gain from the experience: the desire and skill set to successfully transition back into “normal life” soberly. Many modern Inpatient drug treatment programs overlook the fact that in order to make the new healthy coping and life skills second nature (and replace drug abuse), time must be allotted to practice their implementation. Therefore, when considering which program to invest in, it will serve the addict well to opt for programs that place high value on longevity and exposure to realistic life experiences. The best method of balancing safety and life-experience during Inpatient drug treatment comes from the Phase Method that allows clients to progress at their own speed through different levels of structure/ responsibility and that ultimately culminates with the client being able to successfully hold down a fulfilling full-time job and re-establishing a strong social support network.

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