The History of The GRR - A "Rocket Tour"

The GRR long term inpatient alcohol rehab was founded to provide dignified, clean, comfortable transitional housing for individuals willing to make recovery from alcohol and or drug addiction their number one priority. 

Today, The GRR substance abuse long term rehabilitation programs are synonymous with structured programs, appealing schedules, supportive life-skills mentoring and immersion in the local recovery community. Every GRR long term inpatient drug rehab provides the quality of care one expects in long term inpatient alcohol rehab: a warm home rather than a clinical, at times cold, environment. 

The GRR drug rehab centers in Virginia opened in Arlington, Virginia on December 15, 1990.  The Program began as an upscale, clean and comfortable home with little structure.  The demands of ever increasing levels of appealing structure has been a consistent empirical finding in our twenty some years of long term inpatient substance abuse treatment. The critical importance of structure in early recovery cannot be overstated.


Phase II
Today’s Phase II was The GRR longterm rehab program’s original schedule.  During this phase of The GRR long term drug treatment program, residents are encouraged to become productive without losing sight of their primary purpose –recovery and immersion in the local recovery community.   In Phase II, residents get up, do their daily prayer and meditation, make their bed, shower, prepare their own breakfast and go to work. During Phase II residents are busy during the day and congregate in the evening for exercise, dinner and a 12 Step Meeting. 
Phase II of the GRR long term residential treatment centers is ideally suited for individuals that have learned about their progressive and often fatal condition, the importance of keeping their recovery as their number one priority, are able to apply essential recovery principles, have meaningful activity during the day and benefit from support of the Program in the evening, their high risk situation, rather than being home alone.   Residents of The GRR Phase II Program benefit from the support that living in a recovery community provides: the identification and management of relapse warning signs.  Support and guidance in the identification and management of daily stressors, let alone high risk situations, often proves invaluable to the newly recovering addict and alcoholic.


Phase I
The demands for structure and the need for a 24 hour buddy prompted the development of the current Phase I. In the middle 1990s we were receiving calls from individuals that had completed primary treatment, wanted to get and remain sober, but needed, continuing residential long term drug rehabilitation support.   We were receiving requests for long term addiction treatment that provided more structure than that provided by our original schedule. The demands for affordable drug rehab, alcohol rehab Virginia, and structured sober living, prompted the development and implementation of the Phase I Sample Schedule. 


Residents that would otherwise struggle in early recovery thrive in Phase I, "adult sober camp." Residents in our long term inpatient treatment centers benefit from a 24 hour buddy, written schedules that include meditation, exercise, recreational activities, many 12 step meetings, and immersion in the local recovery community. All the activities in our long term inpatient drug treatment are designed to help the early recovering individual digest the fact that life without drugs and alcohol is worth living and can be quite comfortable if one follows good orderly direction. 
At about the same time, The GRR acquired The Alexandria Suburban Colonial inpatient alcohol rehab. The GRR long term addiction treatment facility in Alexandria, Virginia is within the Washington DC beltway.  This facility was selected based on its spacious and comfortable floor plan, stately architecture and last but certainly not least, its proximity to schools and many work opportunities. 


The Florida Program
In 2001 the demand for individualized high end, continuing care, inpatient alcohol rehab promoted The GRR expansion to drug treatment centers in Florida.   The GRR made Vero Beach, a small community on the East coast of Florida, its home.  Vero Beach is renowned for its stellar recovery community, was the perfect home for one of the best alcohol rehab centers in the U.S. The residents of the GRR drug treatment centers in Florida have and continue to derive great benefit from all the resources that this sophisticated recovery community offers.


The Florida Plantation Home, the first of the GRR drug treatment centers in Florida, was designed for residents seeking a luxury addiction treatment center and luxury sober living.  Residents with the willingness to follow through with the residential after care plan designed by their referring therapists are provided with customized holistic drug rehab programs.  

The schedules at the GRR luxury drug rehab centers include, but are not limited to: weekly spiritual growth groups, individual and family sessions, 24 hour buddy and structured life-skills mentoring, immersion with the local recovery community, daily 12 step meetings and relapse prevention, regular balanced meals, exercise program with private trainer, Tai chi, qigong, yoga, spin classes, pilates, and gravity pilates, massage, other forms of relaxation, cultural events (theater, opera, seminars, crafts) and recreational activities (tennis, golf, boating, fishing, polo, horseback riding.) 

In 2003, our residents were seeking a project so we acquired, repaired and added  the GRR Cottages in Wabasso to the GRR drug treatment centers in Florida family.  The purpose of The Cottages was to provide the trademark effective long term fl drug rehab program at affordable alcohol rehab rates.  The GRR Cottages long term drug rehab facilities provide the engaging schedule and abundance of opportunities that allow residents who would otherwise balk at Programs offered by other long term treatment inpatient alcohol rehab to thrive.


In 2004 The GRR added Villa Mizner to the GRR long term drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida.  The GRR Villa Mizner drug Florida rehab is a beautiful Addison Mizner style home.  This home is all on one level – ideal as an adult drug rehab.  The GRR Villa Mizner residential treatment center provides the trademark beautiful and comfortable home, inspirational staff of the other GRR long term rehabilitation centers.

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