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Boris Gonzalez
Gonzalez Recovery Residences
-(address removed)- 

Dear Mr. Gonzalez: 

I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent touring the GRR Florida Plantation home yesterday.
The environment is truly serene and conducive to a great beginning for someone entering
early recovery. As we discussed the concept and plans for the residence, I was impressed
with the idea of providing a sober living arrangement for the person of means and prominence.
It certainly is the right next step for the motivated individual in need of 
additional support in a living environment that is similar to what they are accustomed to
while building recovery skills. 

The GRR Florida Plantation home is a recovery residence that is uniquely designed to
meet the continuing care needs for people of means and prominence. The Program's 
ability to help transition this person into his or her discriminating lifestyle by
emphasizing early recovery structure and individualized continuing care planning is of
great value. 

Feel free to print any of these statements in your brochure as you see fit. I look forward
to discussing any future mutual referral relationship possibilities for the patients we both




Steven Millette


As the clinical director of one of the premier in patient drug rehab facilities in the world, Mr. Millette is not easily impressed. His extensive background in working for a variety of in patient drug rehab programs has taught him the importance of being detail oriented and inquisitive. His incessant questioning during the tour of our Plantation House facility might have caught others off guard, but Boris Gonzalez was invigorated by it, as he knew it marked a true connoisseur of in patient drug rehab programs! Below is the letter he wrote detailing his impressions of our luxury in patient drug rehab program and Plantation Home facility.

The González Recovery Residences provide recovering individuals a continuum of services often referred to as extended inpatient drug rehab or dual diagnosis treatment centers. 

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