Florida, Phase 1 Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers Sample Schedule

Due Monday Noon: Detailed Meal Menu and Grocery List; Outside Appointments and Weekly Plans. (activity selection)

Workshops: Big Book, The 12 Steps, Relapse Prevention, Under the Influence, Passages and other recovery topics.

"12" is abbreviation for 12 Step Meeting.

When one is using chemicals to escape from life or to “make living bearable,” it is of immense importance that they seek help from long term inpatient alcohol treatment centers program. These programs are designed to meet the unique needs of substance abusers and help them to learn how to enjoy life’s natural “highs” and cope healthily with its natural “lows.” A diversity of approaches towards uncovering the purpose that one’s chemical addiction was serving in their life are utilized in long term inpatient alcohol treatment centers and include: individual and group therapy, art or music therapy, working the 12 Steps, and recreational therapy. Through employing a range of therapeutic styles, inpatient substance abuse treatment programs seek to help those early in recovery understand that a sober life does not imply a “boring” life. Rather, it is in long term inpatient alcohol treatment centers that clients can learn to take genuine pleasure from life again and how to value one’s own hard work and enjoy the success that it brings. If you or one you love is struggling with a substance abuse problem, it is inpatient treatment that will help rejuvenate and inspire them to no longer settle for a life dominated by drugs or alcohol.

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