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October 4, 2001 

Mr Boris González 

Dear Boris: 

I am Pleased to provide the following endorsement to your recovery home. 

       "The González Recovery Residences are an ideal setting for individuals
       and their families to continue recovery from addiction or to find renewed 
       recovery during times of stress. 

       The Program integrates the most effective principles of recovery and
       relapse prevention. The beauty and elegance of the physical facilities are
       matched by the quality of the program and the care received by the residents. 

       The GRR is an excellent place to find totally confidential and effective 
       help for issues related to alcohol and other drugs" 


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with. I wish the González
Recovery Residences my best. 


                       Terence T. Gorski


Terence Gorski, a world-renowned expert in the field of recovery who has penned what many refer to as the “golden standard” of relapse prevention recovery books, serves as a major pillar in almost all executive drug rehab programs. His logical, practical, and effective methods have been utilized in all types of treatment outlets- from outpatient clinics to residential executive drug rehab programs. His specialty in relapse prevention make him especially respectable by the clients the GRR attracts as, like most executive drug rehab facilities, our clients are often re-exposed to the “glamorous” façade of substance addiction when they return home and to their social and work inner circles.  This makes Gorski’s relapse prevention method a staple of all reputable executive drug rehab facilities, which are already among the very best in the world!

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