Words from Father Joseph C. Martin 
Co-Founder of Father Martin's Ashley
A Treatment Center for Alcoholism and Chemical Addiction

I like the philosophy of The González Recovery Residences because they are a place of genteel quality and care based on respect of the dignity of those who enter them. 
I whole heartedly endorse and recommend The González Recovery Residences as a very appropriate way for a patient to make the gradual ongoing transition from a brief restrictive inpatient program to a fully integrated happy, productive and sober life.

When deciding where you or a loved one should go for treatment of a lethal disease like alcoholism or a drug addiction, it is important to only consider the best rehab centers. There are many similarities among the best rehab centers and these include: access to professional experts in the field of substance addiction, quality nutrition, around the clock sober support, comfortable housing, and transitional programs designed to help the resident reintegrate back into society. The best rehab centers treat clients with dignity and respect and they seek to inspire individuals into recovery rather than punish them into submission. Clients who enter the world’s best rehab centers are those for whom relapse is not an option and are motivated to begin the process of healing. They not only desire to start anew, but to embark on life with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The programs that are leading the way for all of the best rehab centers are those that are willing to tailor fit a program to an individual’s needs and one that features a Phase program that allows clients to slowly “step down” into phases with less structure. As one proceeds through treatment, they begin to have realistic life responsibilities including jobs and social relationships.

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