May 25, 1992

Dear Boris: 

Thank you for the outline of the González Recovery Residences, offering transitional
housing for recovering alcoholics. 

I have read the prospectus with great interest and find it ideal for those alcoholics just
coming out of an inpatient facility. The residential programs as well are designed to 
meet the needs of the recovering addict very well. 

I like the (wise) decision to provide the alcoholic just out of inpatient treatment with a
very structured environment to ease the transition, and the greater freedom and
discretion afforded the recovering alcoholic who has managed sobriety long enough to
allow him to dedicate himself to his rehabilitation and yet needs the supportive
environment that minimizes the risk of relapse.

The size of the house and the state of the physical facility seems very well adapted to
such an enterprise.

I wish you good luck and will be glad to be supportive in any way that you require. 





Wolfgang W. Riedel, Ph.D.


The GRR is one of the best substance abuse continuing care programs offering well-established drug and alcohol recovery programs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer affordable alcohol treatmentwithout sacrificing quality.  Being able to provide individualized therapy, clean and comfortable accommodations, and well qualified staff is no easy feat at an affordable alcohol treatment center, yet the GRR has been excelling at this for 22 years now. Our affordable alcohol treatment and drug recovery programs feature 3 distinct phases for clients to progress through during their stay. The first phase is a highly structured phase that makes for a comfortable transition from a primary care center. The second phase consists of expanding responsibilities that require the client to seek a part time paid or volunteer position in the local community while maintaining their recovery as their top priority. Finally, when a client is ready, Phase 3 begins where full-time employment is sought and new privileges, like driving or nights away from the house, are granted. Please browse the endorsements about our affordable alcohol treatment program and drug recovery program by clicking the links below.

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