Phase 1 Residential Treatment Center Program Description

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Each GRR residential treatment center provides recovering individuals with multi phase long term drug rehab programs.
Phase 1 of the residential treatment center curriculum, was designed for the motivated newly recovering individual who, requires a full-time, supervised, structured intensive aftercare schedule. The long term rehab Program helps the resident in making the initial adjustments from an addictive lifestyle or from a confined environment to a less restricted, sober real world setting.
The focus of the residential treatment center Phase 1 curriculum is to help the newly recovering individual implement healthy living patterns and supplement the newly recovering individuals knowledge of various recovery issues.  One of the primary goals of the residential treatment center Phase 1 program is to help the recovering addict take an interest in life after addiction. The day is full of monitored activities designed to implement relapse prevention and develop spirituality.

  • Reduce and gradually cope with stress;
  • Incorporate into and bond with his/her local 12 Step Community;
  • Benefit from 3 regularly scheduled, nutritious, balanced meals;
  • Establish healthy daily exercise and relaxation patterns;
  • Take part in individual, group and family counseling; and
  • Develop the initial spiritual aspects of recovery.

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