Long term treatment centers co hosts bi annual ITCC conference

Attendees of the 2012 International Treatment Centers
Cooperative Conference

  The Fall 2012 ITCC was full of laughter, stories, and shared wisdom! The Gonzalez Recovery Residences’ long term treatment centers co-hosted the event with Southworth Associates at The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel in sunny Vero Beach, FL.  This particular conference featured delicious Cuban-style cuisine, a tour of all three of the GRR’s long term treatment centers that are in the Vero Beach area, lively discussions about changing the health insurance policies and their implications in the field, and some relaxing time on the beach. In their time off, attendees were even spotted receiving luxurious massages, playing a round of golf, manatee watching, and enjoying beach-side smoothies at a local favorite named Cravings. The conference itself was riveting as attendees represented a huge variety of recovery programs that spanned from young adult outdoor oriented programs in the mountains in Colorado to a center that specialized in having long term treatment centers for the “baby boomer” population. Another program that really caught the attention of the visiting professionals was Capstone’s unique curriculum for recovering adolescent boys. This program is based around each boy being entrusted with the responsibility for his own lab puppy that is presented to him upon his arrival on campus. In typical ITCC fashion, when Capstone’s renowned program director mentioned that it was exceptionally difficult to place the boys in aftercare programs as so few long term treatment centers allowed pets, others in attendance immediately began to brainstorm how their own centers could compile resources to help Capstone address this problem!  

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