Long term rehabilitation from progressed addiction is the answer

Attendees at the 2011 International Treatment Centers
Cooperative Conference

This brilliant yet relaxed conference was attended by the biggest names in the treatment center world! Mingling with other top professionals in flip flops poolside or over a gourmet dinner is a very welcome change of pace from the traditional conferences jam-packed with booths, posters, and millions of pamphlets. Presentations were given by a variety of centers that included: Hired Power (interventionist and transport specialists), Arizona Executive Detox (medical detox facility), Cirque Lodge (luxury primary treatment), La Europa (residential arts-based treatment program for adolescent girls), and the Gonzalez Recovery Residences (a series of long term rehabilitation centers). All centers in attendance gave a 10-minute presentation on what their unique distinguishing features are, who their target population is, and the types of therapies utilized. As the programs in attendance are the leaders in the field, across the board (all the way from detox to long term rehabilitation) a variety of therapies are being provided to clients and are tailored to their needs, responses, and personal preferences. Such therapies often include: spiritual growth groups, art and music therapy, pet therapy, EMDR, weekly private appointments with psychologists, DBT, and anger management classes. While these therapy types are heavily stressed in primary treatment and usually take up the majority of clients’ days, long term rehabilitation centers encourage stabilized clients to begin applying the lessons learned in such sessions to “the real world” through work experience and social integration.  The conference featured a 5 star dinner at Maison Martinique, a famed French restaurant in Vero Beach, personal appointments to tour the GRR’s long term rehabilitation homes, and riveting presentations. Another ITCC treat!

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