2008 ITCC Conference

Long term drug rehab provides the required structure

Sometimes the best option for a recovering addict or alcoholic upon leaving an initial treatment facility is long term residential treatment.  This can be really scary: new territory, new surroundings, new people, and even more frightening - dealing with feelings for the first time without drugs or alcohol.  For all too many of us, we just aren’t prepared enough to deal with life on life’s terms once we put down the booze and the substances, so when we go back to our homes it is almost impossible not to relapse. 
A home for long term residential treatment is the ideal place to fully prepare to enter back into the world, when we are ready, as strong sober individuals.  Without a strong network and a newfound foundation based on one’s own personal spirituality, the thought that maybe we can just have a beer, or “one time won’t hurt” will lead many back into the gates of insanity, and eventually certain death. 
When we attend long term residential treatment, however, we are surrounded by people who are not only dealing with the same feelings and temptations, but by counselors and mentors and newfound friends.  We can learn how to be held accountable, while retraining our brains to accept and understand the disease that we have, and how we can live life sober one day at a time.  We are shown by example how a healthy lifestyle, immersion in meetings and local fellowship, and honest communication with a sponsor can heal our wounds and truly make us recovered from what once seemed like an impossible demon to fight. Anyone can put down the drink and the drugs for a day, the trick is to do it again - and then do it when life gets hard.  But the rewards far outweigh the struggles. 

Facilities in Attendance

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