2007 ITCC Conference

Long term treatment is often the solution to chronic addiction

    Although it may be difficult to imagine, long term rehab centers may be the best option for the individual suffering from a progressed case of alcoholism and drug addiction.  Addiction is a devastating disease that not only affects the addict but also those closest to the addict.  Long term rehab centers can be instrumental not only in helping the individual to recover but also essential in the family’s quest for sanity and stability.
In most cases, individuals attend long term rehab centers after they have completed detox and a primary treatment program experience.  In general, the length of time that the recovering addict needs to spend at the long term rehab centers depends on his or her circumstances; the particular recommendation is made by the medical and other addiction professionals working with the individual and the family.  Newly recovering addicts suffer from racing thoughts that make it very hard for them to relax and focus completely on themselves and recovery from their addiction.  Recovery is often derailed by excuses and justifications, a desire to return home, return to a job and to one’s children.
In order to have the best chance at sustaining sobriety, the addict in early recovery needs to focus entirely on his or herself for a substantial period of time.  Although the stay in long term rehab centers seems long, it is not forever.  The rewards derived by making this commitment for one’s self and one’s family far outweigh the challenge and pain of the separation. 
A new light of hope begins to shine through once addicts enter long term rehab centers and begin the process of cleaning up the wreckage of their past.  Families also derive great benefit from getting counseling at home and from obtaining support from 12-step groups.  Repairing a family unit that has been immersed in the disease of addiction for a considerable period of time is possible.  Relationships that once seemed broken beyond repair can resuscitate, flourish and take on new meaning. 

Facilities in Attendance

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