Attendees of The 2006 International Treatment Centers Conference

Acadiana Addiction Center
AIM House
Betty Ford Center
Bradford Health Services
Cirque Lodge
CRC Resource Center
Decision Point
Echo Malibu
Family Intervention Center of Virginia
Foundations Associates
Hanley Center
Hired Power
Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery
Intervention Center
Intervention Service
Jaywalker Lodge
Life Healing Center
Lifeskills of Boca Raton
Mayflower Center
Mayo Clinic
New Directions for Women
Pasadena Villa
Passages to Recovery
Pat Moore Foundation
Pine Grove
Power House Services Inc.
Practical Recovery Services
Safe Harbor
Seabrook House
Sierra Tucson
Sober Living by the Sea
Southworth Associates
The Bridge to Recovery
The Gonzalez Recovery Residences drug rehab term
The Ranch
The Retreat
The Summer House
Vision Adolescent Treatment Center













For so many chronic relapse prone addicts and alcoholics, drug long rehab term
┬áis often the solution for long term comfortable sobriety.  It is so hard for many addicts to accept and understand that once they cross the line between recreational and addictive use, there is no going back.  The popular adage holds true every time:  once a pickle never a cucumber. 
Inside each one of us is a fundamental goodness and addiction tears us from it.  The blockage from our innate healthy yearning contributes to the frustration and ultimate desperation that an addict experiences.  One of the paradoxes of addiction is that out of this desperation the foundation of willingness to change is often borne.    Tangible evidence of this willingness is commonly evident in the willingness to attend drug long rehab term.
Making the commitment to attend a facility that helps initiate and solidify one’s long term drug rehabilitation takes courage and desire.  Initially, most addicts dread the proposition.  Addicts and alcoholics have a special aversion to change.  Abstinence from alcohol or mood altering drugs initially seems an impossible proposition.  Gradually, this apparent impossibility begins to appear less elusive, at times feasible and ultimately reasonable and enjoyable.  Addicts and alcoholics obtain invaluable information about their disease and what they can do to change how they live during their drug long rehab term sojourn.   The disease of addiction does not have to kill the addict and destroy the family; the profound challenge that addiction creates can be the catalyst to a better physical, emotional and spiritual life for all those affected.
It is especially difficult to be patient during the metamorphosis from active addiction to meaningful recovery.  Herein lies the importance of drug long rehab term:  providing a clean, comfortable, educational and nurturing environment to help the addict during the uncomfortable initial stages of recovery.  In these supportive environments, addicts and alcoholics begin to feel that God works through people as they acquire and refine the skills that will help them lead productive and meaningful sober lives. 
The individual in early recovery gets a taste of serenity, begins to accept to his or her innermost self the immutable fact that he or she is an addict or alcoholics and begins the journey by obtaining and developing the courage to change the things that he or she can.

Drug long rehab term all agree is the preferable course of treatment