Attendees of The 2004 International Treatment Centers Conference

Addiction Recovery Professionals (MN)
Advanced Recovery Center (FL)
Alldredge (VA)
Betty Ford Center (CA)
Caron Foundation (IL)
Cirque Lodge (UT)
Edgewood (BC)
Family Intervention Center (VA)
Illuminata (GA)
Ilinois Institute for Addiction Recovery (IL)
Intervention Service
The Kaua`i Professionals Program (HI)
Lifeskills (FL)
New York-Presbyterian (NY)
Palmetto (LA)
Southworth Associates (ID)
Summer House (FL)
Talbott Recovery Campus (GA)
Pasadena Villa (FL)
Pine Grove Next Step (MS)
Renaissance (MS)
Post Treatment Supervision (AZ)
Bradford HEalth Services (AL)
Promises (CA)
Ridgeview Institute (GA)
St. Christopher's (LA)
Sanctuary at Malibu (CA)
Seabrook House (NJ)
The Gonzalez Recovery Residences private alcohol treatment (VA) (FL)
Sober Living By The Sea (CA)
Addiction Education Resources, Inc. (CA)
Timothy D. Bowden (NY)
The Life Healing Center (NM)
Westbridge (NH)
Wilderness Treatment Center (MT)
Willingway Hospital

It’s difficult in the beginning of a journey into sobriety to feel a sense of belonging among peers, which is why a private alcohol treatment facility might be a perfect choice for business executives struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.  It is common for alcoholics and addicts to suffer from “terminal uniqueness”, the feeling that they are “different,” and that others cannot understand their circumstances.  This feeling of terminal uniqueness contributes to the difficulties of early recovery by making the individual in early recovery unwilling to listen to and follow healthy, sober suggestions.
Even if a person has had a successful business career he or she is vulnerable to losing everything to the disease of alcoholism and addiction.  The disease of addiction does not discriminate based on gender, sex, ethnicity, intelligence, social, economic or education status. Inside a private alcohol treatment center, the professional may start to accept their disease for what it is - a progressive and fatal condition.  Relating to other executives with similar backgrounds in business, can help executives identify with others with the critical issues:  similar experiences with and similar consequences of their alcohol and drug use.
Getting sober is one of the most difficult things a person can go through, and staying sober requires a complete life metamorphosis.  Inside a private alcohol treatment, individuals are transformed in direct correlation to their honesty, openness and willingness to open up and connect with others who are fighting the same disease of alcohol and drug addiction.  By sharing experience, strength, and hope with each other, the executives will learn many of the valuable tools that will help them not only in making it through the very difficult initial phase of putting down the bottle or the substance, but also in succeeding in dealing with life on life’s terms and staying sober and clean. 
Throughout the recovery process, life will take on new meaning: new relationships will form and old valuable ones will heal.  The recovering individuals will feel that they have been given a new lease on life; that they have been empowered to living a new, beautiful life in sobriety, and will come to realize that really they are not so “different” after all.

Private alcohol treatment hosts ITCC attendees in formal sessions