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Inpatient drug rehab is often considered the gold standard for care in the addiction treatment field. It is the variety of treatment styles, talented professionals, and removal from one’s triggering environment that makes inpatient drug rehab the obvious choice for many suffering from profound substance addictions. When considering inpatient drug rehab programs, it is important to remember what one hopes to eventually gain from the experience: the desire and skill set to successfully transition back into “normal life” soberly. Many modern inpatient drug rehab programs overlook the fact that in order to make the new healthy coping and life skills second nature (and replace drug abuse), time must be allotted to practice their implementation. Therefore, when considering which program to invest in, it will serve the addict well to opt for programs that place high value on longevity and exposure to realistic life experiences. The best method of balancing safety and life-experience during inpatient drug rehab comes from the Phase Method that allows clients to progress at their own speed through different levels of structure/ responsibility and that ultimately culminates with the client being able to successfully hold down a fulfilling full-time job and re-establishing a strong social support network.