2004 International Treatment Centers Cooperative Conference

at The Gonzalez Recovery Residences residential drug treatment programs in Vero Beach, Florida

Residential drug treatment programs gather for workshopResidential drug treatment programs entertain 2004 ITCC attendees

Alcohol’s toxic effects are not constricted to only one’s body but often have devastating effects on one’s emotional and interpersonal life as well. People seeking residential drug treatment programs have often made numerous attempts to stop drinking on their own but have repeatedly failed. Sometimes this repeat failure often manifests in reluctance to seek help as the person believes they cannot beat their alcohol addiction. This is where residential drug treatment programs come in; they help break down the barriers like social distractions, peer pressure, and work-related stress that have repeatedly block one’s own efforts to independently recover. As alcohol addictions are highly complex disorders, seeking the help of experienced professionals at residential drug treatment programs is the best option. When judging the multitude of residential drug treatment programs programs that are now available, the most important things to consider are: the experience a facility has (in years), the ability to tailor fit a program to fit an individual’s unique needs, and if there is a “step-down” program. Such “step down” or Phase programs are ones in which clients can progress from a high level of structure in the beginning to a more and more realistic experience as both their time sober and their motivation for staying that way grows.u

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