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The decision to attend a drug inpatient rehab can be a life changing one; it can mark the end of one being defined by their past actions and habits and the beginning of their adventure to live an authentic and fulfilling life. People who are considering a drug inpatient rehab are often a mixture of confused, upset, and desperate and here at the GRR we understand what a fragile mental state the addict is often in before seeking treatment. We also consider it among the highest privileges to aid in the transformation of a person from one who compulsively uses drugs to escape life to one who thrives in the adventure that life truly is. While some drug inpatient rehab attempt to change life-long behavior through punitive measures of punishment and degradation, this is not the spirit of the GRR. Through our 22 years as a long-term program for addicts and alcoholics, we have found that the key to life-long sobriety is to expose people in early recovery to the beauty, comfort, and purpose that accompanies a fulfilling sober life. One’s experience in a drug inpatient rehab is colored greatly by the attitude the rehab adopts towards its clients and here at The GRR, this attitude is of respect, compassion, and hope.

Drug inpatient treatment long term welcomes arriving ITCC attendees