The Gonzalez Recovery Residences' and Southworth Associates
Co-Host The 2002 International Treatment Centers' Conference (ITCC)
Affordable drug treatment on Florida's Atlantic Coast
Affordable drug treatment hosts and entertains ITCC attendees.
Drug and Alcohol Recovery Facilities in Attendance

The cost for the first month of treatment with a detoxification can be astronomical.  It can be in the range of $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 for just 28 days in a treatment facility.  There can be an alternative and a better choice for an individual facing this decision.  There is affordable drug treatment to be found.  You can take the same amount of money that you would pay for an initial 28 day program and pick a really nice luxurious sober living house where you could stay for several months for the same amount.

There is research that indicates that long-term treatment can have a positive impact on the individual seeking sobriety and freedom from addiction.  Many addicts have been through 28-day programs and relapsed after a short period of time.  Drug treatment can become a costly undertaking that can deplete one's finances quickly if they do not make careful choices.

There is an option that makes good sense.  There is affordable drug treatment to be found that offers a longer stay for the same amount of money that a person might spend on a one month program.  Almost all treatment centers and drug rehabs will include the attendance at NA or AA meetings as part of the recovery program.  So if you pick a place that is a sober living house, that includes attendance at AA or NA meetings, then affordable drug treatment is within your reach.  If the addict needs medical attention then they can make appointments as needed and not waste a huge chunk of money in the first 28 days but rather spread out the amount over several months which usually brings better results in the long run anyway.

This takes what looks at first glance to be a costly and potentially wasteful investment and turns it into affordable drug treatment with the benefits that come with longer term care.


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